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To start, please know that you do not have to take any action in response to this.

We published this page to provide some additional detail and context about our plans going forward - and some of the things these plans will entail.

As technology and markets move, so do we...

Given recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI)and other automation tools, it is now possible to achieve what we could only have imagined as recently as a year ago. What this means for us is greatly enhanced analytical capacity - and the ability to make more broadly informed investment decisions on your behalf; to all but eliminate the impact of human bias. We have decided to embrace this revolution - and to make all the benefits associated with it available to you, our valued client.

To reflect these developments in our strategy - and our journey towards a more AI-powered future - we have made some minor changes to how we will operate. These are reflected in our Investment Management Agreement and in the structure of the relationship we will enter into with clients going forward.

Investment Management Agreement (IMA):
The IMA is the agreement you signed digitally when you first became a client. There is now a new version of this (found here), which will apply to all new client accounts opened after today, 4th October, 2023.

As an existing client, these changes will come into effect for you on 3rd November, 2023.

The main changes are as follows:
1. We will be employing a range of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in our investing decisioning. This will not replace humans in the advice process, but rather it will allow us to cover significantly more ground and ultimately to make more broadly-informed informed decisions on your behalf. Please note, the investment process is not 100% automated; humans still get the final say at this stage - and this will continue to be the case for the forseeable future.

2. We will no longer be offering, or supporting any portfolios with a fixed thematic investing approach, including our 'Ethical' portfolios. Instead, we will employ a more unconstrained investment style (ie. an investment style which isn't limited by a particular theme, or asset class). We will continue to favour ethical investments in our portfolios, however we will no longer select investments solely on the basis of that characteristic.

3. We will be consolidating our Custodian usage to
Interactive Brokers, a multi-award winning broker dealer - and one of the largest in the world. This means that if you currently hold an individual, retirement, or joint account with us under another custodian, we will seek to migrate your account to Interactive Brokers on or after 3rd Nber, 2023. This does not apply to 401(k) accounts.

4. We are increasing our 'All-In' advice fee from 0.55% per year, to 0.75% per year (an increase of $2 per year for every $1,000 invested), for US-resident clients. This is to reflect for our higher technology costs going forward.

Once again, you don't have to take any action in response to this. All changes will come into effect on or shortly after 3rd November, 2023. If you have an individual, or retirement account with us under a Custodian other than Interactive Brokers, we will begin to arrange the consolidation of accounts after 3rd November, 2023. If you want the transfer of your account to occur sooner, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at:

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Afinitiv LLC is a United States Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), formed under the laws of the State of Nevada USA, and duly registered under Section 203(c)(2)(A) of the Investment Advisor Act of 1940 (CRD: 305672). The following does not constitute a solicitation to invest in securities. All investments represent a risk of capital losses and all investors should consider whether an investment is appropriate for them, with regard to their objectives, required form and level of returns, tolerance for potential capital losses, liquidity and investment time frames, regardless of any advice they may have received. Afinitiv LLC does not guarantee investment returns, or the security of invested capital. Some investments may have less liquidity than others, which means that, under certain circumstances, an investor may not be able to redeem their investment for an extended period of time. Please click to view our Form ADV Part 2A and Privacy Policy. For more information, please contact: Please note that there may be tax implications and fees associated with transferring an investment balance from any account, to any other account and you should consult a tax professional if you are unsure of what this may mean for you. Any investment decisions made by us on your behalf are not based on a detailed understanding of your personal circumstances and accordingly may not be appropriate for you. Please consider this prior to opening an account with us. *Percentage fees charged by us are calculated on the basis of the amount of money invested with us. Investments in securities are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed and may lose value. *We do not charge additional fees of any sort, although additional costs (such as brokerage costs) may be incurred when investments are either bought, or sold (we do not benefit from any such fees). While we employ algorithmic, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other assistive technologies in our portfolio construction process, final investment decisions are made by human professionals...for now.
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